Real Estate Acquisition & Development

A partnership of entrepreneurial fintech and development experts

Who We Are

US based with an international component that brings Swiss Tradition

The partnership believes that its core industry expertise in implementing a balanced investment ideology coupled with a consistent focused approach to investing, land acquisition, design, construction, property management, leasing, and timely disposition of assets has strongly impacted its past performance and will do so in the future.

With sister companies that include a digital sustainable bank, mortgage lender, family office, asset manager, investment advisor, broker-dealer , title company, real estate crowdfunding portal and an international trading platform, Sardona is well suited to serve its wealthy clients, family offices and professionals all over the world


Explore What We Offer

We strive to serve all of our clients, whether individuals or corporations, in a personalized manner with empathy and honesty. We form strategic plans based on your ideas and needs in order to transform them into high performing results.

Single Family

Sardona Development Group acquires at discounted price based on current market value, income producing Single Family Homes strategically located in neighborhoods within US suburban and underdeveloped communities, were there is a current shortage of supply in this type of homes. Most of the properties are renovated, insured, rented and managed by our in-house property manager.


We acquire income producing Multi Family Properties. Once acquired additional cash will then be invested to upgrade properties for further rental stabilization. An extensive repositioning plan will be prepared which calls for the improvement of community amenities, exterior enhancements and appropriate interior unit renovations. The proposed repositioning value-added plan is expected to improve the rents significantly. A higher-quality renter pool will likely be able to sustain greater increases in rent and will also likely take better care of the physical space they are renting.

Land Acquisition & Construction

We focus on acquiring land strategically located in neighborhoods within US suburban and underdeveloped communities, Opportunity Zones and Community Redevelopment Areas to develop multifamily properties. Sardona Development Group, LLC will look for areas that evolve from low to higher socioeconomic segments, where the number of people per household and the average income has space to grow and areas that have a great number of young professionals.

Sardona Development Group- Development

  • In house Architect of Record (AOR). AOR is the architect (or architectural firm) that is responsible for the overall design and coordination of different disciplines of the project (i.e., architectural, structural, MEPs, landscaping, civil).
  • In House Zoning Analyst, Permit Compliance Analyst, Scheduling (In-House), Accountant (Financials), Attorney’s (Legal).
  • In House licensed contractors and experienced project manager that monitor construction progress on a daily basis. Our Project Managers make sure that the GC is performing the job as planned, coordinate the work with AOR, and be in constant communication with GC.
  • General Contractor will review documents, contact specialty subcontractors and compile an overall estimated budget per the documents provided as well as a project schedule to reflect the overall construction duration.
  • Sardona has developed contract types for every project , specifically Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). This reflects the allowable budget for the construction of the project and does not include Developer’s Fees, Permitting Fees and Architectural Services Fees.

Our Team

Founders of Sardona Development Group

Sardona Development Group is grounded on the idea of independence, trust, transparency and empathy. Our aim is to create an added value for you and build a long term relationship with you as individuals, family or financial intermediaries based on our values.

Heiner Speich

Founding Partner

Heiner is responsible for providing leadership, creating company policies and implementing operational policies as well as the company’s strategic plan.  Heiner has 20 years of experience in the upper echelons of the financial and  banking industry. Throughout his career, he has held senior positions in various globally recognized institutions based in Switzerland that include UBS, AIG and Julius Baer. Heiner speaks four languages and holds a Master of Economics and Finance from the University of Bern in  Switzerland.

Christian Giraldo

Founding Partner

Christian heads the investment committee for all real estate investments. Christian has extensive experience in general constructions, procurement, financing and all other aspects related to residential and commercial real estate investment. Mr. Giraldo holds a degree in Business and Finance from ICESI University and a degree in the Executive Program at Harvard University. Actively involved in competitive sports, Christian is also a renowned influencer, advisor and speaker.

Paola David

Founding Partner

Paola is responsible for structuring real estate portfolios for rental income and flipping properties on the residential real estate market . Paola currently oversees all properties, dealing in a daily basis with contractors, vendors, tenants, associations, and authorities.  Paola holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Universidad El Rosario and an International Business Degree from INALDE Universidad de La Sabana.

Tulia Hernandez

Founding Partner

Tulia is responsible for promoting sustainable, community developments and implementation of programs that empower and improve the quality of life for individuals and families. Tulia has participated in the startup of multiple financial institutions, including bank, broker dealers, investment advisers and others in the USA and Latin America. She is fully bilingual, entrepreneur, dynamic, highly skilled in conflict resolution, great business coach, great expertise in human resources and counselor.

Cesar Hernandez Jr

Founding Partner

Cesar Jr  brings his experience in origination, underwriting and lending to secure financing for acquisitions of real estate assets as well as construction loans. For the past decade, Cesar has been responsible for the launch of several entities in various sectors like, hospitality, financial services, real estate development, construction, transport & logistic. Cesar Jr is fully bilingual, passionate and committed to contributing to excellence in businesses, has extensive knowledge of company startups and very good business relationship.